Geocaching – a different kind of treasure hunt!

If you think treasure hunting is just for kids, think again!
Geocaching is the modern-day version of a scavenger hunt in which you set out hunting for treasures armed with a GPS device and a set of coordinates. This allows you to explore the region any way you like and lets you discover entirely new spots that otherwise would most likely have remained hidden from you!

Birfeldix and the treasure of the Treveri

Completing the tasks will have you walking in the footsteps of the Celts and the Romans!

Check here for more information on the treasure of the Treveri and how to find it!

Further information and rental equipment is available from the Birkenfelder Land tourist information office.



Other geocaches in the Birkenfelder Land at a glance:

1. Cache for kids in the magical forest (coordinates: N 49° 41.454 E 007° 08.712)
2. Sirona cache (coordinates: N 49° 44.233 E 007° 12.700)
All coordinates are available for free download on the Internet: Treasures in the Birkenfelder Land at
Have fun – and good luck!

Stashes 'n' Stones

[Translate to Englisch:] The geocaching event in 2018 – save the date!

In May 2018, everything on the Idar-Oberstein trade fair grounds will be about geocaching. Of course, this will also involve heading out into the region. For more information, go to