Landesmuseum Birkenfeld - Birkenfeld State Museum

2,500 years of regional history come alive in the Birkenfeld State Museum. The Celtic section showcases impressive evidence of settlements that existed centuries before the birth of Christ. Grave finds such as jewellery and various kinds of vessels provide insights into the daily life, art and culture of this tribe.
Another exhibition is dedicated to the changing rulers from the Middle Ages to the early 19th century, covering the Sponheim, Baden and French periods. The Oldenburg section is a very prominent feature. The affiliation with the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg (1817-1937) has been extensively documented as a curiosity of history.
The meticulously staged 1930’s classroom will bring back memories for older generations while children will marvel at slate pencils and slates, dip pens and quills. A new permanent exhibition illustrates the development of the iron smelting industry in the region since the 15th century, with the great number of exhibits attesting to the diversity of the trade.
Various special exhibitions, such as the one in 2013 entitled “Heiße Eisen – Glätt- und Bügelgeräte von der Steinzeit bis heute” (“Hot irons – Pressing and ironing devices from the Stone Age to present day”), always attract many visitors.
The library, which stocks about 14,000 books, magazines and other literature, offers a wealth of information for anyone researching the region, as does the archive for genealogists.

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