The Birkenfelder Land offers hikers four certified premium loop trails, known as “Traumschleifen” or “dream loops”. These trails are fully signposted and offer hikers delightful surprises. Our dream loops are an ideal choice for a hiking holiday in Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park.

Traumschleifen - Dream loops

Nohener- Nahe-Schleife

 In the Birkenfelder Land, you will experience the beauty of nature on the Nohener-Nahe loop. This trail has been awarded 88 adventure points and offers you a first-rate hike through a virtually untouched natural landscape. The Nohen train station is conveniently located for hikers, offering you a quick rail journey on the Saarbrücken-Mainz route with daily connections. The route is 12 km long; shortcuts are possible. 


Börfinker Ochsentour - National Park dream loop

Crossing the Traunbach: these two are taking the wet route. There is also a bridge, but it’s more fun to have your feet in the water.
The Börfinker Ochsentour familiarises you with Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park. About 10 km in length, this loop trail takes you on a hike in the midst of nature. The Ochsenbruch, a moor rich in plant and animal species located between Börfink and the Erbeskopf, is the tour‘s namesake. With a bit of luck and patience, you can spot rare birds like the osprey.

Trauntal Höhenweg - National Park dream loop

The Vorkastell is believed to once have been a Celtic refuge castle. It offers a magnificent view of the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park. Photo by Haensel
About 14 km long, the Trauntal-Höhenweg boasts a stunning array of natural vistas: gorgeous meadows and fields, a romantic creek valley, impressive views and rock formations. This loop trail is a hiker’s dream. 


Around the magical forest

Is there a treasure hidden somewhere around here? In this magical forest populated by fairies, elves and woodland creatures, it may very well be...
About 10 km long, this tour around the magical forest is a real treat for older children as well. The magical forest’s nature adventure trail featuring forest keeper Willi Wurzel is part of the tour. The 25-m viewing platform will give you an overview. The combination of old forests, meadows rich in plant species and historical treasures give this tour its special charm. Click here to download tour data...
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Excursion tip: From Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park to Geierlay rope suspension bridge

Untamed nature, ranger tours of the national park and the exhilarating feeling of walking on Germany’s longest rope suspension bridge are in close proximity. The Geierlay rope suspension bridge near Mörsdorf is only about a one-hour drive “across the Hunsrück” from the Hunsrück National Park. Hiking maps and information materials are also available from the Birkenfelder Land tourist information office. Click here for more information on the rope suspension bridge. hier

Photo: Hunsrück-Touristik GmbH