Naturerlebnisweg Zauberwald - Nature adventure trail in the magical forest


Dear little and grown-up guests,
In my “magical forest”, you can experience the outdoors, learn a few things about nature or just spend some fun time “out in the fresh air“. I’ll come with you, of course! Oh right, I had better introduce myself:
My name is Willi Wurzel and I’m the keeper of the “magical forest”.

Around my home, the giant Hambach rock, there are many exciting stations along a route of about   4 km waiting for you to have a go and to enchant you.

For example, in addition to a tickling barefoot path, you will find a “scent organ”, where you can explore the magical scents of nature. Another bit of sorcery is the sound station, where you can listen to the voices of the forest, including the “bark” of a calling deer. Yes, that’s right, deer can bark too!

 At the animal long jump, you can put your jumping power to the test and climb to your heart’s content during gnome fitness.
Which animal leaves which tracks? You will find that out at the animal track stamp station.
At the spring pond, you will meet my friend Nina Nixe and the mysterious Forellenbock (trout buck).
Grown-ups will enjoy the beautiful and sometimes mindful texts lining the trail and the Regenbogenweg(rainbow trail), which inspires reflection and contemplation.
Everybody gets together at the viewing platform next to the Rothenburghütte, where you have an amazing view of the countryside.
Just follow me! I’ll show you the way. I promise that my forest will enchant you!
Have fun!

How to get to the “magical forest“:
From the B 269 federal highway (the road connecting Birkenfeld and Morbach), take the turnoff at Oberhambach in the direction of Hunsrück-Ferienpark Hambachtal (Hunsrück Holiday Park). After 200 metres, make a left onto the car park of the “magical forest”.