Celts & Romans

The Birkenfelder Land – once ruled by Celts and Romans – offers you many exciting and cultural attractions: history you can touch!
Visit the Celtic burial mound display, a reconstruction of a Celtic tomb offering a glimpse inside a woman’s burial chamber furnished with grave goods (located at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld in Neubrücke/Nahe), the Sirona pavilion near Schmißberg, displaying evidence of Celtic and Roman settlements featuring various information boards (located at the B41 in the direction of Idar-Oberstein) or the Heiligenbösch interpretation centre, a church built on Roman foundations (located just past the municipality of Leisel). In the town of Birkenfeld, the reconstructed Roman street (located near the Schönewald animal park) as well as the state museum’s large, newly created interactive Celtic exhibition showcases finds dating back to ancient history.
Last but not least, “Die bunte Götterallee” or “the colourful avenue of the gods” featuring 10 life-sized, colourful sculptures of gods awaits you at the edge of the national park, covering a length of 2.5 km between the municipalities of Schwollen and Leisel. Check here for detailed directions.
You will learn more about Celts and Romans on our GPS mystery tour “Birfeldix and the treasure of the Treveri”.
Click here to download the "Die bunte Götterallee" flyer
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